Prevent Child Abuse Texas!
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Prevent Child Abuse Texas (PCATX) is a statewide non-profit organization working to prevent child abuse and neglect in all its forms throughout Texas.The work of the organization depends solely on private grants and contributions.

We are led by a statewide Board of Directors who represent their regions through community agencies and organizations dealing with social issues affecting children.

Turning Choices Into Change
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CHANGE the way society values and supports the well-being of children and families;

CHANGE society’s expectations regarding what are and are not acceptable attitudes and behaviors towards children.

CHANGE the cultural attitude to ensure that healthy, safe and nurturing experiences are supported by the actions of every individual and every community;

CHANGE the meaning of the word “parent” so that it becomes more than just a title, defining the role of a particular individual; and instead, becomes an action, describing the behaviors to be embraced by all individuals.

Change these things, and “preventing child abuse” no longer describes simply the “cause” we each support; but rather, it begins to describe the “effect” of all that we do together.

CHANGE these things, and we begin to CHANGE the “social norm” and the “public will” regarding the way children are valued; and the ways in which we treat and raise our children.

Succeed with these CHANGES, and we will succeed in our efforts to prevent child abuse.

How Do We Effect These Changes?
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By the CHOICES we make to affect change at the governmental and community level on the systems that support healthy community and family development:

..by the CHOICES we make to encourage policymakers to develop universal and accessible home visitation and parent .mutual self-help. programs in our communities regardless of income, socio-economic status or community.

by the CHOICES we make about the levels of training and education provided to parents in areas like early childhood development, including the impact of toxic stress on the developing brain architecture and shaken baby syndrome; child sexual abuse; and bullying;

by the CHOICES we make to develop and increase the capacity and accessibility of training and quality assurance provided to day care programs;

by the CHOICES we make to ensure that mental health counselors are available to new mothers;

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by the CHOICES we make to address the waiting time for substance abuse programs;

by the CHOICES we make to voice our support for the availability of services and programs that help families meet their basic human needs and to deal with stressful situations that serve as a threshold for abuse and neglect;

by the CHOICES we make to assure our own children and the children we know receive nurturing, loving experiences every day;

by the CHOICES we make to protect the health of our children, and to keep them safe;

by the CHOICES we make, every day–as parents; as grandparents; as teachers; as caregivers; as a community; as employers; both collectively and as individuals.

No one can do everything.

No one parent.

No one grandparent.

No one teacher.

No one neighbor.

No one elected official.

No one agency.

No one individual.

But everyone can do something.

And together, we can do anything.

Together, we can advocate for policies and programs which support healthy families and children;

Together, we can live in a prosperous society that understands and genuinely values the well-being of children

Together, we can prevent child abuse.